Program Summary

The Claire Trevor School of the Arts (CTSA) In the Band Program provides adult solo musicians, ages 21+ with opportunities to learn, collaborate and perform as a member of a musical ensemble. With oversight by CTSA Music Department faculty and Latin jazz performer, Bobby Rodriguez and guidance and coaching from an expert musician, participants learn what it means to be “a member of the band.”

Similar to a band “Fantasy Camp,” In the Band gathers together like-minded musicians and gives them coaching, confidence and performance experience as part of the program. Bands will meet during the 8-week session for ensemble coaching sessions, practice and gigs.

Benefits of Participation

  • Learn what it takes to play harmoniously with other members of a band
  • Make lasting connections with other solo musicians
  • Gain experience playing for an audience
  • Take what you love to the next level


  • 8-week summer session (July 22 – September 14)
  • An initial meeting with the program director to discuss potential member’s interest and to determine skill level
  • 6 Ensemble coaching sessions
  • Individual practice space (Keyed practice rooms will be reserved for Program members in Mesa Office Building that they can use during reserved times to practice)
  • Optional on-campus parking during the 8-week session
  • 2 gigs for every ensemble

Week 1 – Musicians will meet individually with a coach and be placed in a “band” based on interest and skill level. The desire is to form bands made up of keyboard, guitars, bass and drums, but other combinations, including vocalists and horns, may emerge based on participants. Band members will select up to 3 songs to learn/practice before the 1st ensemble coaching session the following week.

Bands will establish regular weekly rehearsal times once bands are formed. (These independent rehearsal times are an important part of the experience and are meant to provide the ensembles the requisite time to hone their skills between coaching sessions.)

Week 2 – Ensembles will have their 1st coaching session.

Week 3 – Ensembles will meet for their 2nd coaching session.

Week 4 – The 3rd coaching session will take place to prepare ensembles for their first gig later in the week. At the end of the week, ensembles will perform to an audience made up of family, friends and members of the UCI community at a hosted mixer at the CTSA Green Room Café. The ensemble coach will be in attendance to support the group.

Week 5 – Feedback on the gig will be provided during the 4th ensemble coaching session.

Week 6 – Ensembles will have their 5th coaching session and choose 2 additional songs to learn.

Week 7 – Ensembles will have their 6th and final coaching session.

Week 8 – The culmination of the program will be the 2nd gig at The Parish at the Anaheim House of Blues where family and friends can share in each band's accomplishments.

Program Liaison

Bobby Rodriguez, In the Band Liaison, is a Grammy nominated, world-class musician specializing in Pop, R&B, Jazz and Latin Jazz. His energetic style and dedication to music make him an excellent liaison to the program.

Program Fees

The fee for the program is $800. Fee includes skills assessment and placement; 6 ensemble coaching sessions; and use of on-campus practice rooms for the duration of the program. Pre-paid on-campus parking is optional and approximately $140 for the 8-week session. Fee does not include individual instruction. Payment plans are available.

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How to Apply

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About CTSA

Claire Trevor School of the Arts is UCI’s center for innovative, creative engagement in art in all of its facets: production, critique, appreciation, and development. The School’s work focuses on creativity—but not just on creativity: our mission integrates all levels of education (from B.A. and B.F.A. to M.F.A. to Ph.D.) with arts advocacy and leadership, engagement with social and cultural issues, and partnerships with individuals and organizations locally, nationally, and internationally.

About the CTSA Music Department

The Music Department at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts is a lively place. We offer wide-ranging curricula for both undergraduates and graduate students, based on the ideals of the conservatory within the academy.

Our faculty consist of well-known composers, publishing scholars, musicologists and music theorists, conductors, and concert and recording artists. While many of our students use their degrees to become professional musicians or musicologists, others use them as general educational qualification because of the intellectual, technical, and social skills the program helps them develop.

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